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Related post: Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2005 22:03:46 EDT From: Subject: Quarry Hole. Chapter 17Disclaimer: If you are not yet 18 years of age or if it is illegal to read materials of this kind where you live, then please stop now. This story contains descriptions of sexual activity between teenage boys. The acts are consensual and are a result of their love or lust for one dark bbs photos another. Please write: I would love to hear if you like my story. Quarry Hole. Chapter 17Let's recap our Quarry Boys, here. They aren't all in this episode, just Mark and Scott. We might be establishing an 8th Quarry Boy in Sean...who's playing in this chapter portal board bbs with his big brother.We got seven funnin' schoolboys who hit bbs ls city the quarry every afternoon after school for some skinny dippin' and horseplay.The seven quarry boys are fair skinned and hairless, with average nn girls bbs dick thickness, unless noted.Shuey is 5'5"--lt brown flat, wispy hair, green eyes, turned up small nose, a waif-like body...120 lbs, 5+" hard, uncut, freckles around nose, upper cheeks and shouldersPaul is 5'7" --dark brown short hair, blue eyes, straight slender nose, defined though very slender body...135 lb, 5" hardKurt is 5'9" --dirty blond crewcut hair, brown eyes, 150 lbs, sinewy body, straight nose, a l'il wider than the others, with a little turnup at the end, freckles everywhere, 5.5", uncut.Mark is 5'8" --black crewcut hair, black eyes, defined, and a little stocky, wider nosed, with rounded tip, 150 lbs, 6", chipped rt front tooth...Scott is also 5'8"--gold blond wavy hair, deep blue eyes, sinewy like Kurt, 140 lbs, straight but flatish nose, a hint of a boxer's look, 5.5" thick dickJoey and Jerry could be twins, at 5'7", dark brown hair and eyes, olive skin with a little more meat than Shue and Paul, but similar slim builds at 130+ lbs, with thin straight noses. Joey is not quite 5" hard. Jerry is 7"...the big dude of the bunch The fuck grunting went on as Scott went to Mark's desk and wrote on a notepad: 'Mom....Playing ball. Be back late for dinner. Mark'Scott went over to female picture bbs Dana as the sweat beaded on the boy's face mid-power thrusting buttfuck, and said, "Look kid. I gotta go. When you done with fuckstick, here, if yur buds wanna play with Mark, take him somewheres outta here, like the lean-to down at the ball lot, and leave this note on the table downstairs in the kitchen.Scott was thinking of some of the nights he had with girls down at the lean-to...just slap and tickle, but memorable still."Uh-uhngh!" Dana nodded....he was so wanting to get his nut renos bbs tgp again olita bbs he was nearly out of his mind. He young girls bbs guestbook needed it. He needed it now. He had to fuck Mark. And fuck him. And fuck him. Annnnn FUCK him!!!!! And that's all that counted.Scott pulled on his pants, sneakered up and hit the stairs, with the telltale, "Unngh-uh-uh- urnggh!" continuing behind him.Out the door, the kids jabbering together across the street came running up to him. "Where's Dana, hey? huh?""Dana's a little busy right now dudes, but he'll be down soon enough and you all figger whutchu wanna do, then, 'kay?""Welllll, hey....whut's he doin'? Where is he?" They bust out all at once."Well.....he's right now fuckin' his brains out pre bbs porn inside yer friend up there in Mark's bedroom. I'd let him get his nut, then he'll tell yuh whut's next," Scott said over his shoulder as he headed on down the street to his own house.The kids all seemed to like, ooze down to the ground again as they absorbed everything Scott just said. They pulled at the grass, fiddled with their feet, and played at their flys while they watched Scott disappear down the other end of the street.It was all quiet, and then from that open window......"FUCK YOU, FAGGOT!!!!"Six kids bolted off the ground across the street bursting through the door...up the stairs.... Quarry Hole. Chapter 17 The room was ablaze in bright sunlight through the rear windows across the back wall. bbs fotos de voyeur Mark was under nude children bbs Dana's pumping ass somewheres.The kids all stopped dols bbs bunched into the doorway pushing and shoving like they do to get a look around and jumping up over kids heads in front to see whut they could see.....then world loitas bbs sort of like on signal, the first boy just walked on over to the bed....Then another, then they all seemed to close around the sight of two totally naked, sweat soaked dudes, doing something none of them ever thought about, for real. Some of them looked shocked, and were immobile. A couple though were 'into it'. They were rubbing hard peters in their shorts already.Kids were tugging at Dana's shoulders after he went quiet for few moments, and they really felt ls pearl bbs weird touching a sweaty guy while...well it was sex wasn't it?Dana almost back to normal breath said, "Look...we gotta get out of here man. Scott said we oughta go down to the ball lot, elwebbs incest and work this dude over in the lean-to....yuh 'rents."Two of the kids wanted some action right then and there and when Dana climbed out of his reverie, those same two kids kneed up onto the bed, whipped out and had their dicks at Mark's lips.Dana didn't care for the minute 'cause all he wanted now was to get dressed, and then he'd see about clearing the decks for play. He wasn't used to taking charge of anything, but...he loita boys bbs actually thought to himself..."I'm a man now!" and found new asian nude pics bbs strengths."Quit it, you two. Ever'body grabs a arm or leg and we haul him downstairs and out to the park. And you, man," Dana growled over Mark's face, "don't make no trouble. You have no say in'iss. You WAYYYYYYYY kds bbs dark outnumbered.....and naked as the day you wuz borned!"In a bbs russian nude flurry, Mark's naked double fucked form was being maneuvered down the stairs by six horny boys needing some dickplay, and Dana went about making some order out the room, closed the door, then remembered, and went back for the note. He flew down the stairs leaving the note in the kitchen for Mark's mother.At the front door, he took one more look around, and flipped the latch and pulled the door locked.The crazy snuff bbs mob was already halfway to the ballfield, and now Dana settled back, put his hands in pocket, whistled him a tune, and headed down to watch, and maybe direct, the proceedings. bbs board kid ls One vision passed across his cranial video screen....that day after he struck out four times at their pickup game...when Mark came over, showed him two things with his shoulder and elbow, and soon, Dana was the best hitter on the block. Mark had done that with most of them, if not plain taught them baseball altogether. It just seemed sort of, well, be doing what he had already done with Mark...taking advantage an' all, and now, all the others, kids who also owed Mark a measure of thanks and respect.But then...there's that other boy thing. Cock, man! elwebbs early girls When a boy's dick demands attention, it owns what it's kinder porn bbs hanging from. In this case....7 horny young boys!There wasn't a soul out in the neighborhood that time of day, so the kids literally could have led Mark on a leash or taken turns riding his naked ass, and no one would bbs samples have ever been the wiser.The lean-to, was a tumble-down old dugout sized frame structure, with old knarled wood, reddish brown like old barns. The slats were see-through from the warping. But the kids had forever been bring old stuff from their houses that made it almost homey in spite of it being an open air kind of thing. They threw a tarp over an old couch to keep it dry. They sometimes played cards down there. They had an old folding table and chairs. Up to today, their funnest thing had been when they played strip poker, and made all the kids who lost, walk home in just the clothes they had left, if any. Most lola pedo bbs child of them had had at least one naked walk home.They even had an old teen porn bbs mini-fridge that they'd stuff zoo sex bbs with a bag of ice and cold up their sodas. Matter of fact, Mark's dad had contributed that little gem.By the time Dana got to the field, the kids had pulled the couch out onto the grass, and were all around the pitcher's mound at the dark portal bbs ru middle of the infield, with Mark the center of naked free bbs kiddy thumbnails attention, down in a crouch balancing on his toes, and rocking between lol pre bbs toes and heels.One kid said, turkish rape board bbs "Jack off till you shoot! Lessee yuh blow yur bbs nudist video wad."There were whispers and low voices all around. Everybody was concerned about doing ANYthing that could be construed as 'queer'. They were all worried about getting hard in sight of another naked kid. This was a big trouble for all young dudes....annnnnd, one of the big reasons many get bullied and made to give up mouths and asses in school.... getting caught with a rod in the locker room or the shower with other naked little hentai bbs forum kids around.Anyways, a voice whispered, "Mannn, this is hot," to no one lola bbs child link special. "Go! Boy! Go!" yelled two or three others as the totally lost Mark started to wack his wick. He was so ashamed, he was soft as a noodle. This in fact was easing the pressure on at least two of his tormentors loita child bbs who were horny vids bbs as rabbits, but stayed soft at the sight of Mark's floppy linguini.One kid jeered, "Shit, man....I had dirty water hot-dogs harder'n that!"One kid said, "Play with yer asshole, man. Get bbs video analyser yur finger up'ere."Mark stared at where the voice japan bbs nude came from and scrunching his face in shame-pain, his fingers worked under his shitter.In a few diddlin's, his cock harded up in his hand. One kid said, "Mannn...yuh can get a stiffy fum playin' at'cher hole???"Another yelled at Denny, movies download bbs list and said, "How'd you know dat mannn! Yehhhh" yowled a few others. Some yelled, "Maybe you should be joining zep guide bbs 'queer Mark' down there, huh?""Fuck YOU!" baby rompl pic bbs Denny hollered for cover. That WAS a pedo boys bbs child fair question, though. But hey, we max bbs 2 all know, diddlin' yer slot makes fer a twitchy weiner for just such times fucking bbs as whippin' in the dark wit'cher ass up on yer pillow gettin' yer late night nut."Louder, fucker...I wanna hear the cum gruntin' dude....I wanna petite sex bbs hear you gettin' off," came a squeal from guestbook bbs imgboard a high pitched dude.Poor Mark started to put voice to his internal grunts as he got closer to blowin'. "Uh....ummm....nnngh..." he sounded off, fading with each grunt to almost no sound at all. One said, "If you not gonna play then I want'chu to say special words while you wackin'. Say this: "I love playin' with boys' dicks!" Mark stared around at all of them. They all nodded to him. He repeated the words: "I love playin' with boys' dicks!""I wanna blow Denny, Joey, Ben, Wally, Dickie, Timmy, and Dana." He didn't bother to look around this time, and just repeated: "I wanna blow bbs board teens Denny, Joey, Ben, Wally, Dickie, Timmy, and Dana."And on it went..."I fuck for boys....I swallow cum.....I'm a fuckin' queer!" and then there was a fluster and "Uh..ohnuh...ahhhuhh...ahmohhhh......" and Mark shot his load in five spurts, the first one about 3 feet out.The kids all yelled and cheered, and made young tiny boys bbs him rub his fingers into sun bbs ls the cummy dirt. They pointed at his purple cockhead with the last dregs of his jerkoff snotted all over it. pictures girls bbs "Finger yur cum off, man, and eat it." He did and fell to his knees and all fours then, both aftercum and embarrassment.Denny charged up fast and shoved his fly right against Mark's face, pulled his peter out and whipped it into Mark's bbs fucking free mouth. Denny was hard as stone and managed to get inside Mark's face before any more queer talk spread around the mob.Dickie was reaching into his fly walking up behind Mark. At first he shrunk up from the site of crusted fuckjam on Mark's butt. Then he said, "Whut the fuck...I got Kids bbs pics no shame!" started whipping himself into a hard on, and without even spit, rammed his reamer up Mark's poopchute. "Ohhhhhlllllllll!!!!! Sooooogoooood! Oh guysohguys...this is...I can't b'lieve it...ohgodddddd!" and he fell forward on top of Mark's back.Two kids jumped to help, then they realized as his prick slid out, their buddy dude had blowed his load already! Dickie was gasping for breaths and kept saying..."Yuh not...ohh, ohmigod....if girlfuck....uh...fuckin' is good as this, man....we gotta lotta fun coming mannnnn! Lotta fun cominnnnnn'"The grunting from up front revealed Denny getting off....They moved the scene to the couch, and everybody got into it now.The sun was going down...the boyrutting continued. Mark took every one of them off in his mouth and three studly dudes reamed his bunger. Wally and Ben whipped open their cell phones and took pics looking straight down their chests to their cockmeat sliding through Mark's mouth, his eyes looking straight up at the screen on their command, and then took shots with Mark's mouth open as their cum shot over his tongue. Wally's bbs young models movies had a video clip function he used for that.At home that night the pics were downloaded and shared among them. All pics taken were sent to Mark, too.Mark was holding his legs up under his knees at about 6 PM on the couch. Cum had dried all around his mouth and on his face.The last load that filled his boycunt was seeping and cooling out of his hole and dripping down his lower back through his buttcrease.There was no one there. He was completely alone. All seven kids were gone. They didn't even leave him anything to wear to get back home. He was all shook up at the realization, and then when the scan of the last few days passed his eyes, he realized by comparison this was piece of cake. He rubbed his face with his hands and dragged his butt cheeks through the grass like dogs do when they got something hanging out their bunger. He crept around the bushes surrounding the field looking for a best way to get down the block. Pushing through the most sparse brush, he made his way into the nearest backyard. He made it house-to- house creeping alongside their back walls, keeping an eye out for a pants or a towel on a line or in a garage that he could put on. At the third house, he spied a pair of old shorts in a garage. Pulling them on, he made his way barefoot up the street on the curbing grass to his house. He slipped in the side door at home and made it up to his room while his mother was cooking dinner....gave himself a quick washragging and butt wipe, and got a fresh pair of shorts and a tee to wear.He was surprised at the relatively good appearance of his room considering the ganging he took in sex bbs imageboard bbs cp thumbnails there three hours ago from Scott and Dana. He didn't get on the 'puter, but just blew a breath through his hair and shuffled down to 'Hi' his mom, and wait for dinner.Life home with Rory and Sean would never be the same. The sharp young freshman, newly crazed with sex....and his older, dick-sucking brother who graduated last year and was working a job to get up some money for college.It was late afternoon when they got home. Sean had all but kicked his big brother's ass all the way home. When he finally let him up off his knees, bbs nude legal he still took butt shots at Rory's boxered tail. He wouldn't allow Rory anything to wear except his underpants, making him carry his work shoes, jeans and shirt whether walking or crawling."C'mon, Sean, please?? There's nuthin' changed. We still can be bud-brothers," Rory kds vids bbs pleaded.That got him a another sneakered toe in the ass from Sean. Rory jerked up forward a couple feet with that model bbs thumbs one. "Bud brothers my ass....well, more like YOUR ass....fuckin' queer! My whole life....changing in same rooms....wrestlin' half naked on the bed, the floor the grass....skinny dippin' in the pond.....AND the fuckin' Quarry!!! Andju fuckin' a queerass the whole times.""Seannie...." Rory pleaded."Fuckyou faggot! I tell dad andjur out in the street with barely enough clothes to cover your butthole! But ahm gittin' mine asshole...every time I want it...I'm takin' it....andju givin' it. Oh, and dude? adolescent nude bbs forum You doin' ALL the fuckin' chores ukraine bbs dark fum now on. And jus' in case you thinkin'a movin' out, you still gotta come over ev'ry day and do fuckin' chores for me."You'll be takin' my dick out and holdin' it for me when I have to piss, and washing it off before putting it back in my pants....I might even have you wipe me when I shit...."Hmmm...we already top bbs pics settled on da chores....oh, when ahm little girl love bbs goin' to are stayin' up later on my school nights. No going out with yur queenie friends anymore. You'll be too busy caring for yur lit-tle bro-therrrrr!"I 'spect ah'll be taking yur ass every night fum here on, and you be takin' care of my morning hard. After the 'rents is in bed, you getcher ass to my room to get laid, Sean finished with thunderous final kick to Rory's butt as they got to their house."'At'll be all fer now...'cept ahm so horny wit'all 'iss fuck talk, I need you to take care of me right now....before we go in."Rory was in disbelief. He was fucked for real. He was blackmailed because he needed to live home, and get the car. Even if he left, his dad would have to help him pay for school some. Fucking Seanie owned him. His eyes were blurry from tearing up. He tried to carry a brave face, but it was so shameful to have to get back on his knees back behind the garage and have his little bro beat his dick on his sticked imgboard max bbs out tongue for a whole minute before he rammed into his face for vacuuming."Ohgod! Ohgodohgodohgod!!! You do one bbs fc2 vova thing good big bro. You sure suck a mean dick!!!" He pulled it out and beat his face saying, "And I do got a m-e-a-n dick! Eat it dude. Fuck-in' EAT itttttttttt!" Sean wailed as he blowed his wad up the back of his brother's mouth."Um-um-um-ummmmmm! Lick it all around with the goo still in'ere bro...yehhhh....I'll tell you when tuh swallow. Oh god that feels so swirly. Eeeeeyiii!" Sean screamed and jolted from the sensitive aftercum cockhead bbs russian pre tenders.Then, before Rory knew what happened, Sean's peter was at his lips for, "Kiss it till later, faggot! An' I wanna hear the kissy smack, too." Rory shivered from shame as bbs ukrain he looked at his brother's cum-moist pisshole....and kissed it.....'Smook!' "Oh, dude....a string of spooge connectin' from bbs naked pics yer lips to my dick man!"As Rory looked up from his knees, Sean laughed and said...."You really gettin' the HANG o'this!!! Hahahaha...asshole!" and started for the back door.Rory's night was a shambles. He had to stay home. No borrowing dad's car for a run with his buds. He 'helped' Sean piss three times....wiped it with a moist wipe, and put it back in the kid's shorts.When Sean headed for bed, Rory dutifully followed. His parents raised a brow at this, but made no teen models 14 bbs mention. His mom thought he might be sick though and decided she'd keep an eye out to see if he showed any symptoms before he left for work in the morning.When Rory heard the folks come up to bed, he waited a full half hour before making it to Sean's room. It was dark when he closed the door behind him and made his way to Sean's bed. He bbs child models stood quietly at the side of the bed. It seemed like the 3 minutes he waited were three hours. He was thinking of just lying down on the floor if Sean had hopefully fallen asleep."Get naked." Sean shocked him with the order out of the darkness.He dropped his boxers, and said, "I'm stripped."Sean naked lola bbs said, "My legs are up in air and my butthole is banned sun bbs w-i-d-e open fer you to suck out, fagboy. Get to it!" Sean railed in a loud whisper.Rory shakily creeped onto his brothers bed. The mattress squeaked and shimmied as he kneed to his place under his little brother's bunger. His hands gripped onto the kid's butt cheeks. He was glad it was dark....his prick snapped right up against his naked teenagers bbs belly.....and he sighed. He knew as much as this was the ultimate eat out his brother's asshole....godddddddddddd...he WANTED to....ohgod he wanted to! He'd been fuckin' beatin' his meat to the image for years!The funky boy scent filled his senses as he snugged his nose, face and lips into Sean's bottom. Oh mannnn! He kissed it! He really kissed his brother's hole as ranchi bbs forum hentai cum bbs he stretched it flat and the slot separated some.Spit, tongue, licking, sucking, chewing, and on it went till Sean was photo angels bbs kicking and bucking his legs and feet and hunching his bunger up into Rory's face till he shot up crying in joy and need, and threw lollita bbs illegal Rory down on his pillow.He yanked up on Rory's legs, spit in his hand and slicked his dick, fitted it to big boy cunt, and sunk through to his balls. "Oh mannnn. Look whutchu coulda had big brother. Instead'a dreamin'a my dick evv'y night man, you could'a been 'havin' it right reg' it's gonna be fum now on. You homo fuckin' dope! You missed years....and 'miles' of forbiden bbs cock 4 and 5 inches a stroke dude. But ahm gonna be making it up. You even cheated me of havin' a hot hole....TWO stuff my needy prick, too. Oooooooh......glow-reeeeeee brother. Man, I love klass image bbs this hot hole. ranchi bbs image board I wanna know it's my special, mmmm, play-uh-um-ground...uhhh...uhgod it's goooood.... gooo-ooood! No more strange cock in my fuckyard! But if ls galleries bbs you good, dude, once a week I'll let you share your hole at the quarry. 'Dem 'quarry boys'....yuh know, kds top xxx bbs Scott an'em....dey sure like yur hole, too. An'dey did so much for us, givin' us a whole new fuckin' brotherhood....unghhhhhyeh...ahyeh...ha! fuckin' brotherhood is right...fuckyoubro...fuckyou!""Ohgoddddddddddd!" the boy squealed into the darkness as ropes of his boyjelly spurted deep into his big brother's bowels. "Uhh--uhhhh--unngghhh...sogood--sogooooood!" he moaned as he folded over. His head laid into Rory's chest. "Whu-uhh-uhhhh!" child bbs girls he shot up and felt his neck and chin....wet...WET....and gooey!!!"You fuckin' queer creep!" Sean raged whispering hoarsely in the dark. "You fuckin' cummed after I wadded is magazine bbs yur bung???!!! Oh man, you not makin' it easy on yur future are you, motherfucker??"Sean jumped off the bed and yanked Rory up too! Bareassed naked with cumslop on his cock, chin and neck, he switched on the light and kicked Rory to the door and kneed him into the bathroom. He zeps svens bbs made Rory tongue the cum off his chin, and neck....and then had him lick his own assholeslime and Sean-cum off the kid's cock.Sean looked hard down his body at his brother's eyes as they looked up at him, while Rory worked his tongue over his younger brother's buttfuckin' peter. Damn if Sean wasn't tingling up into a whole new horny rod!!! Annnnnd, Rory WANTED it!Sean yanked himself off his brother's cock-relishing tongue, whereupon he whipped his tongue and cheeks with it...'Pook! free teen video bbs free bbs teens Puuuk! Poook!'As Sean turned to leave the bathroom, he turned out the light, and said, "Be on my pisshard the second my alarm goes off in the morning, faggot....and getcher hands off yur own cock. No whippin' fer you tonight!"Sean dark boys bbs went out into the dark hallway to his room.Rory was still kneeling when the light went out and Sean gave him his orders....licking the dregs of Seanie's cum off his lips....hard as steel....pumping his prick like a crazyman. Tears streamed down his cheeks as he came hard....ohh so hard....shooting manropes of boyman sperms he couldn't see across the bathroom tile....and even out onto the hall rug. What a sight that'd be if a parent switched on the light!He sunk back onto his the dark....squeezing absently on his plumsized dickhead...sighing to himself. Was he thinking....he finally has what he really needs, right here at home? Could be. His prick got hard again in his hands....hard as fuckin' steel! He soon was pulling at it again when he knew now he had the real thing....l'il brother dark bbs angels the flesh! No more just ogling Sean, daydreaming, and beating off with his face buried into Seanie's underwears and socks. No more sneaking into Sean's room after boys pics bbs he left for school to lick out the kid's cumrag behind the headboard. He'd be eating right from the spigot mannn!Over at John's place that night, Kurt and Graig were tucked away in the basement pedo teen bbs free dog cage. John was stepping into young bestlolbbs a refreshing shower after enjoying an aftergangboyfuck beer with his buds, Derek and Rich who were on their way home themselves.Bentley was taking Boy1 and 2 home, with visions bbs pedo love of dollar signs, Brice, and three copies of Chipper plums dancing in his head. He was "mmmmmm"ing to himself, rockhard pronged, fiddling his newly leaking cock as he drove.It'd be morning soon.Kurt would be feeding Graig and Kurt some adult-teen sausage for breakfast, and getting them and him out to school imageboard bbs lol and work.Scott would soon be waiting on the stoop for his best buddy Mark toplist lola bbs to come by for their ritual walk to school with the Quarry Boys. He would be thinking of the first day he elite cp porn bbs could remember when model teeny bbs bikini his mom and Mark's mom walked them to their first day of kindergarten. He grinned when he thought of the mom's having the two boys walk holding each other's hands. He laughed out dark ls bbs loud picturing the change now, with Mark's wide, coal black eyes gazing up into his own and his guppy-sucky lips hanging off Scott's meaty prick. Mannnnn!Paulie would be getting up hard as a brick with the smile on Shuey's face in his morning daydream.Robbie Shue would be holding his pisshard as he threw off the covers, eager to get his first touch of his buddy Paulie this morning.Jerry and Joe would be knee-buckling in cumshoot during their morning shower wackoffs.They'd all have all they could do to make it to their afterschool skinnydip and boyfuck without going spunk raving mad!Clanging bells. Buzzers. Rock radios. All manner of school wake up alarms were going off all over town. It was the universal signal for every boycock to stand tall, and every teen to beat off.If only we could harvest the energy in those bouncing mattresses, gritting teeth, tightening muscles and toes, bucking butts, rockhard pricks and most robbs oops celebrities uk of all the power xxx hacked bbs of that first morning shootoff sending sperm rockets all over every bedroom and shower the world over!!! 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